Earn Money from Your Blog with URL Shortener

You could earn money by shortening links. Now, the question arises that how can we earn money just because we our shortening the links.

Well, there are many links shortens which are paid and therefore overlooked. So, there are some tricks which would be helpful in raising money in your account.

For now, we are going to tell you that new way out with paid link shorteners and the outputs after testing them which are massively beneficial.

A quick explanation to link shorteners

The way it works is simply that it just makes short or you can say that it basically shorten your original link which is a redirection of the main or long link.

The reason behind using this approach is that it is difficult to use the main or long URL again and again this is very important to make money also.

Step one is that you have to sign up with the paid link shortener website and then must shorten the URLs.

Whenever a random person clicks on that short link you would get paid. The more clicks you get more you will earn.

Basically, these link shorteners redirect the user to the advertising page and they earn money from it. Also, you get 50% to 60% amount of the revenue and the rest will be kept by the website.

So, we can say that we are earning money by showing ads to users. The advertisers pay a high amount to the link shortener websites and resulting in this, you also earn a nice amount of revenue.

The minimum payout of most of the link Shorteners lies between 5$ to 10$. It means you don’t need for months to get paid even if you are getting low traffic to your website. Whereas if you have an Adsense account then you may need to wait for a month or more than a month to complete 100$.

Which is The Best Or Highest Paying URL Shorteners?

If you are confused and finding which one is the highest paying URL shortener then it is not your fault. I have found 3 best URL shorteners for you so you can earn maximum revenue with them. These highest paying URL shorteners are listed below:


It is the most renowned and awesome URL shortener. From this, you could earn $240 for 10000 views which is tremendous. This shortener is quite the highest in paying as compared to other URL shorteners.

It offers payment via PayPal, Pioneer, Bitcoin, PayTM, UPI and Bank transfer. It also give you a 20% lifetime commission whenever someone clicks on shortened links.

Key Features:

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Published on: 4/5/20, 9:46 PM