COVID19 | affected SaveLink CPM Rates

Hello Guys. We hope you all are doing great.

Today there’s really bad news about CPM for us.

COVID19 | affected SaveLink CPM Rates

So Basically the CPM rates decreased for every country by -2$ from Today it will get affected, we all understand it’s really unacceptable but believe us, We will never take any wrong decisions for personal profit’s, it’s really necessary to take appropriate action on the right time before everything gets out of control.

We know you guys have always cooperated with Our technical problems and every situation for this we all from team will be always thankful to you guys for your amazing support.

How COVID19 | Coronavirus Affected CPM Rates.

Before we go in deep we would like to introduce you to the SaveLink ecosystem, in short How it works, Basically, SaveLink shows an Advertisement and generates revenue from it to pay publishers like you and make a bit income from it for employees and server costs. And all these funds for advertisement comes from different advertising partners from Digital advertising across the globe.

Now the main reason for CPM decrease is The COVID19 effect on the overall market you guys may already know about this from News every businesses and market that can be Offline or Online is down since investors are continuously withdrawing their stocks shares and money invested with big brand companies just because of COVID19 and it is indirectly affecting Digital advertising market badly and causing loses to the digital marketer’s like you and us.

So The disease COVID19 is rapidly getting spread all over the world and now it Global Emergency for all of us. and we hope you all guys will cooperate with this global market crash situation as well.

Lastly, we would say Thank you so much for all your cooperation patience and valuable support for SaveLink.


Also guys please Take Care of your health first, and Make sure to follow proper precautions to prevent COVID19Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

You can read more about COVID19 on the World Health Organisation’s Official website. WHO.

If there’s anything else we can assist feel free to contact us or simply drop an email at

Published on: 4/10/20, 3:28 AM